Aurotek TSB, Inc. is owned, operated and managed by bearing people.  Our C.E.O., Dr. Don Cancelmo, our founder has been associated with precision thin section bearings since 1973 and in the bearing business since 1969.  

Precision thin section bearings are a specialty bearing product and our only product. Our manufacturing organization consists of certified ISO standard factories and offices. We supply numerous customers and applications worldwide.

What makes us a genuine partner for success is our commitment to services as well as a fair price for our products. Aurotek TSB, Inc. provides needed startup small orders and custom orders or prototype orders without the small order prices. Call our toll free number for answers to your questions and for prices and delivery information. As Aurotek TSB, Inc. continues to grow we thank all our loyal customers.

Dr. Don Cancelmo, President

Aurotek TSB, Inc. , NY, USA